Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting Maintenance offered by Fire Safety Specialists.


Fire Alarm Panel

Fire Alarm Maintenance (required at a minimum twice per year)
Fire alarm systems are installed to protect you, your staff and you premises. Everyone depends on this system functioning properly in the event of a fire, acting as an early warning system and enabling safe and timely evacuation. Employers are legally obliged to carry out the fire alarm maintenance, to ensure that the systems are in is in good working order and adheres to current regulatory standards.
Fire alarms must be tested weekly, from a different call point each time where possible.
Fire Alarm maintenance is required at a minimum twice per year (or more if recommended by the fire alarm engineer) in order to comply with BS5839-1:2013.  When lives depend on fire alarm equipment functioning correctly, do you want to take any risks with who carries out the servicing?  Our network of engineers are all registered and qualified, allowing us to provide an excellent service at a competitive price.


Emergency Lighting Maintenance (required annually)
Emergency lighting provides light in an emergency situation when the main power supply is cut and any normal illumination fails.  Without emergency lighting severe injuries can happen to those evacuating in darkness.  The loss of mains electricity could be the result of a fire or a power cut and the normal lighting supplies fail. A regularly tested and service system will kick in when this happens, helping to assure the safety of your  staff.
 All emergency lighting systems must be tested monthly. The test is a short functional test in accordance with BS 5266.


The period of simulated failure should be sufficient for the purpose of this test while minimising damage to the system components, e.g. lamps. During this period, all luminaires and signs shall be checked to ensure that they are present, clean and functioning correctly.

Emergency Lighting

A test of the emergency lighting for the full rated duration of 3 hours must be carried out annually. The emergency lights must still be working at the end of this test.  The result must be recorded and, if failures are detected, these must be remedied as soon as possible.
Our qualified and registered engineers provide a thorough and professional service, ensuring that your emergency lighting will function if and when you need it.
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