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Petrol Storage Dangers

With the threat of industrial action by fuel tanker drivers in the news, politicians suggested that drivers could buy fuel and store it in Jerry cans.  This is perhaps not the most sensible advice to give, especially considering the volatility of petrol. WEST YORKSHIRE FIRE SERVICE FIREFIGHTERS are urging people to stay safe ahead of a […]

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Stay safe, stub it out

I came across the film below, from Avon Fire and Rescue, which shows the importance of making sure that cigarettes are stubbed out correctly. Within 3 minutes of this cigarette being badly stubbed out, the leaves in the plant pot started to smoulder. An hour late the pot bust into flames. Firefighters were called out […]

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Pay Peanuts Get Monkeys....

It's no shock if I say the economy is struggling, money is tight and work hard to come by.  When business is tough, employers and businesses look for areas to save money, and unfortunately safety is one area that gets hit. Words of advice - if you intend to outsource your fire safety, be careful […]

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