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Fire Safety Specialists

Fire Safety Checks and Tests

Fire Safety Checks and Tests – What Needs Doing and When. [gap height="20" /] Fire safety in the workplace is more than what to do if the fire alarm sounds, where the evacuation assembly point is and what extinguishers are there.  By managing the fire safety, carrying out regular checks and tests, and tidying up […]

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Passive Fire Protection Seminar

[widebox shadow="" text_color="" background_color="" background_image="" background_repeat="" background_position="" background_attachment="" border_size="" border_color="" padding_top="" padding_bottom="30"] Fire Safety Specialist have joined forces with  Checkmate Fire and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue to host a Passive Fire Protection Seminar at the South Yorkshire Fire And Rescue Training School on 25th Feb 2016. [gap height="20" /] [one_third last="yes no"] [/one_third][one_third last="yes […]

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What Extinguisher to Use on What Type of Fire.

Have you ever wondered what extinguisher to use on what type of fire?  If you don't know, will your staff? [gap height="20" /] Unless training is given, occupants of a building can be at risk if they do not know what extinguisher to use if there is fire.  There may be a no intervention policy, which […]

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