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Checking Your Fire Extinguishers

Here is a really useful guide to checking your fire extinguishers, produced by the FIA:   Fire extinguishers save lives.  Checking your extinguishers and training staff how to use them protects your staff, your business and ultimately your business.  Can you afford not to? For help and advice on fire safety in the workplace, call […]

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Fire Safety Checks and Tests

Fire Safety Checks and Tests – What Needs Doing and When. [gap height="20" /] Fire safety in the workplace is more than what to do if the fire alarm sounds, where the evacuation assembly point is and what extinguishers are there.  By managing the fire safety, carrying out regular checks and tests, and tidying up […]

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What Extinguisher to Use on What Type of Fire.

Have you ever wondered what extinguisher to use on what type of fire?  If you don't know, will your staff? [gap height="20" /] Unless training is given, occupants of a building can be at risk if they do not know what extinguisher to use if there is fire.  There may be a no intervention policy, which […]

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The Cost of Extinguisher Supply and Maintenance.

Being the Fire Safety Advisors to the Sheffield Children's NHS Trust, means having a finger on the pulse of NHS Fire Safety. Our MD (Vin Maher) is a member of the National Association of Hospital Fire Officers (NAHFO), and receives regular newsletters about standards, findings and practices in the NHS. The latest newsletter contained the article […]

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We are proud to announce that we have a web shop.  You can now buy on line, fire safety equipment and products from our online shop.

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Don't use an Extinguisher, Use a Dorgard.

When is an extinguisher not an extinguisher?  When it's a door stop. The practice of blocking a fire door open with an extinguisher is dangerous.  There is an easy and reasonably costed way of holding doors open that wont put your staff or business at risk. For more information about Dorguards or for any other […]

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Weekly Fire Extinguisher Checks.

A recurring theme across many of the assessments that we carry out is the lack of understanding concerning what weekly, monthly, quarterly, six monthly and annual checks need to be carried out. Apart from the regular maintenance required to meet legal or British Standards, weekly checks are also needed.  We usually advise that these can […]

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