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Fire Alarm and Evacuations.

How Long Does it Take to React to a Fire Alarm This recent experiment demonstrates reactions to fire alarms and evacuations.  The slow reaction time demonstrates the importance of training, regular evacuation drills and fire wardens. Alan Cox comments on Livefyre that: "This exercise is a replica of a television programme that was screened about […]

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Fire Safety Training - Essential

Fire Safety Training is Essential and a Legal Requirement - FACT! .....and it doesn't need to cost a fortune. There's a perception that training takes up time and money, which probably explains why employers may tried to avoid it. There’s no two ways about it - fire safety training for staff is a legal requirement […]

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It's as simple as breaking the triangle

"What triangle, what do you mean...?" Let me explain.  Fire needs 3 elements in order to exist, these being fuel, oxygen and heat.  By removing any one of these elements, fire cannot happen - simple. So how does that apply to the workplace?  To start with staff training.  By instructing staff in fire prevention, such as […]

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KIS Fire Safety Training Feedback

  "Top job Wednesday, soon as I arrived both my contact and the first group were raving about the training. The employees were really impressed with Kev's enthusiasm. Here is to the next one!!!" Simon Holmshaw, KIS Safety referring to Fire Marshall Training provided for Scotts in Goole.

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The cost of arson.

Arson costs the UK economy millions every year.  The report below came from Teesside, showing the effect on the local economy: Arson on Teesside 'costs local economy £16m a year' Arson on Teesside costs the local economy up to £16.7m a year, latest figures have shown. Cleveland Fire Brigade has begun a crackdown on arson, […]

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Do Staff Need Fire Safety Training?

Fire safety training isn't just what fire extinguisher to use!  Not knowing procedures, means of escape routes and roles in a fire evacuation can have serious consequences.  Additionally, prevention is better than cure, and training staff in how to avoid fire is just as important as instructing them what to do if a fire does […]

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Duties of a Fire Marshal

Here are a few pointers about the role of a Fire Marshal and Fire Coordinator: Fire Marshal or Fire Warden - Daily Duties A Fire Warden’s daily duties may include checking that: Exit doors are available for use, unlocked and unobstructed. Escape routes are clear of storage and combustible materials. Fire extinguishers are in position […]

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What Fire Extinguisher Should I Use?

Here are a few tips on types of extinguishers, their uses and extinguisher safety. Types of Fire Extinguishers Water   Foam (including wet chemical)    Dry Powder   Carbon Dioxide Colour Coding The rules for the colouring of fire extinguishers have now changed, all extinguishers have to be red. However, the colour code may still be used providing […]

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Stay safe, stub it out

I came across the film below, from Avon Fire and Rescue, which shows the importance of making sure that cigarettes are stubbed out correctly. Within 3 minutes of this cigarette being badly stubbed out, the leaves in the plant pot started to smoulder. An hour late the pot bust into flames. Firefighters were called out […]

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Online Basic Fire Safety Training

FSS Ltd can now offer online basic fire safety training. Although business owners are obliged to provide staff ire safety training, we find many that cannot spare the time or finance. This online training is available at up £20 per license depending on the quantity bought, the licenses last for 2 years, and the employee […]

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