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KIS Fire Safety Training Feedback

  "Top job Wednesday, soon as I arrived both my contact and the first group were raving about the training. The employees were really impressed with Kev's enthusiasm. Here is to the next one!!!" Simon Holmshaw, KIS Safety referring to Fire Marshall Training provided for Scotts in Goole.

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What are the types of fire detection?

Fire Detection standards in the UK are governed by BS 5839 Part 1 2002.  However prior the having detection installed into premises, a Fire Risk Assessment should be carried out, as defined in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and the standard of detection required should be based on the findings. Fire Alarm and Detection systems […]

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Fire Safety Guides

Fire Risk Guides Fire Safety Law & Free Guidance Documents from the Local Government Website The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) came into effect in October 2006 and replaced over 70 pieces of fire safety law. The RRO applies to all non-domestic premises in England and Wales, including the common parts of blocks […]

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What is an Emergency Action Plan

An emergency action plan outlines what action should be taken in the event of a fire and should be made available to all members of staff.  It should be based on the findings of your Fire Risk Assessment, and should include details of assembly points, emergency contact numbers, location of fire safety equipment, along with […]

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The cost of arson.

Arson costs the UK economy millions every year.  The report below came from Teesside, showing the effect on the local economy: Arson on Teesside 'costs local economy £16m a year' Arson on Teesside costs the local economy up to £16.7m a year, latest figures have shown. Cleveland Fire Brigade has begun a crackdown on arson, […]

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Do Staff Need Fire Safety Training?

Fire safety training isn't just what fire extinguisher to use!  Not knowing procedures, means of escape routes and roles in a fire evacuation can have serious consequences.  Additionally, prevention is better than cure, and training staff in how to avoid fire is just as important as instructing them what to do if a fire does […]

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Duties of a Fire Marshal

Here are a few pointers about the role of a Fire Marshal and Fire Coordinator: Fire Marshal or Fire Warden - Daily Duties A Fire Warden’s daily duties may include checking that: Exit doors are available for use, unlocked and unobstructed. Escape routes are clear of storage and combustible materials. Fire extinguishers are in position […]

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More Advice for Hotel and Guest House Owners

It's been a quick year!  It doesn't seem 5 minutes since New Year, when we were looking at 2012 and all the events that are on - the Jubilee, Euro 2012, 2 family weddings and of course the Olympics. We are now only a month or so away from London 2012, where the capital will see tens […]

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