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Fire Logbook App

Simplifiying your regular fire safety checks

A fire logbook app, whats that?

As part of the fire regulations, you are required to "maintain the fire safety" of the building in the months between each Fire Risk Assessment.  What this means in practice is the regular (either daily, weekly or monthly) checking of fire doors, exit doors, call points, fire extinguishers, alarm sounders, signage, emergency lighting, evacuation equipment.  Plus documenting all the servicing of the fire alarm, sensors, gas equipment, electrical system, fire extinguishers, evacuation drills etc.  So when you have dozens of items to check, each of which needs checking at different frequencies its gets a bit complicated to stay on top of it all.

So to alleviate this we decided to build our own app to help.  In the app it shows you all your fire safety items together with when they next need to be checked.  But unlike a paper logbook, you can get it to sort all the items you need to do this week.  Or instead all the items in one particualr room.  It can be used by multiple people allowing for someone to cover for holiday and illness.  Also it can report to management that the various checks are all being done within the frequency required.

It works on both Android and Apple and we charge just £5 per month per business.

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