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Fire Warden Training

React confidently in the event of a fire

The role of Fire Warden (Fire Marshall) is of paramount importance to any organisation, yet many simply allocate the title to a member of staff and never provide any guidance or training.

This attitude can land businesses in serious legal trouble should a fire break out and it come to light that adequate training was not provided.

What does a Fire Warden do?

Fire Safety Specialists Fire Warden training educates nominated staff in the day to day role and responsibility of being a Fire Warden, as well as their duties during an evacuation of the workplace.

It teaches them how to reduce hazards and creates a team able to react confidently in the event of fire, potentially saving lives and damage to the premises.

The training includes both theory and practical exercises and covers:
The chemistry of fire
The behaviour of fire
Fire classifications
The role of the Fire Warden
Fire prevention
Fire procedures
General fire precaution
Contacting the Fire Service
Types, classifications and use of fire extinguishers
How to use a fire extinguisher
Safety precautions whilst extinguishing a fire
Evacuation Drills (if required)

Who is the Fire Warden Training suitable for?

Our Fire Warden training is suitable for:
Heads of Departments
Fire Co-ordinators
Nominated Fire Wardens or Deputy Fire Wardens, responsible for the day to day fire safety of a buildings (or part of)
Those nominated to assist in the evacuation of a building
A maximum number of ten can attend any one course.

If you would like to discuss Fire Warden Training or any other requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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