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The Message is Not Getting Across

The Message is Just Not Getting Across

I'm intrigued to find out something.  What do we need to do to get the message across to Landlord's and business owners that fire kills?  As blatant and blunt as this may seem, it's a simple truth.

Would you not service and MOT your car?  Brakes failing leads to accidents.   Would you not fix a broken plug on a TV or microwave?  Not looking after electrical equipment leads to fatal accidents.  The same applies to fire safety, and burying heads in sand will not make this go away.

Below is an example of a landlord who got caught.

"The bosses of a Sunderland hostel have been fined after firefighters tackled a blaze and found fire doors were padlocked shut.

Fire scene: Blaze began in a room

The licensee and managers from the Norfolk Hotel were fined £6,880.00 plus £3,911.26 costs after admitting a number of fire safety breaches which placed people's lives at risk.
Three people appeared before Sunderland Magistrates  and pleaded guilty to the fire safety breaches. Surkhjt Singh Lally and Manjeet Kaur Lally were each fined £3,350 plus £1,913.13 costs and manager Andrew Chomko was fined £180.00 and orded to pay a total of £85.00 in costs. The Norfolk Hotel is a former 42 bedroom hotel which is now used as a hostel providing accommodation for 37 residents...cont"
It's incredible that noone was serioulsy injured here.  The owners were stung for over £10 000 in fines - was it really worth it?
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