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Yesterday I blogged about the frustration of seeing so many businesses where the owners just do not understnd or care about the importance of fire safety.

Clare Rizo of IFSEC published the following article, backing up this frustration:

Are Fire Safety Laws Fit for Purpose?

 Is a re-think of fire safety regulations required, because some business owners appear to continually flout the rules.

Looking at the continuing stream of prosecutions, you get the  distinct impression that a large proportion of the business sector just doesn't get fire safety. Regularly, those people we see in the courts are small operators in high-risk sectors: hotel owners, operators of guest houses, and landlords. Then of course there's  the retail sector also routinely in the dock -- an industry in which individual  managers take a large share of responsibility for standards at their own stores.

What these have in common is that the level of risk from fire is high -- either due to the presence of sleeping accommodation and/or the  presence of the public. As any fire risk assessor will tell you, the  prosecutions are the tip of the iceberg. There's plenty of evidence that a high proportion of businesses operate with very poor fire safety standards.

What's the issue?

There seem to be a number of factors at play:

  • low likelihood of a fire;
  • low likelihood of a prosecution; and
  • low likelihood of an inspection.


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