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A Safe Christmas.

Christmas isn't far off now.  I know, it doesn't seem 12 months since it was last here. The shopping, the invites, the parties, the cooking.......

The chance of fire occurring in our homes and businesses is increased by introducing such items as paper decorations, Christmas trees, temporary lighting and large amounts of wrapping paper and boxes, etc.  Fire does not respect Christmas and it is a certainty that a family somewhere in Britain,  will have a serious fire over the festive season.  The clip below shows just how fast a fire can spread.....

Within a minute the room is thick with black smoke.  Remember to keep real Christmas trees well watered, don't let them dry out.

Here are some tips from Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service:

  • Always turn Christmas tree lights off and remove the plug at night, and when the room
    is going to be unoccupied for a length of time.
  • Ensure Christmas lights carry the British Safety Standard mark.
  • Do not overload plug sockets.
  • Ensure candles are in proper holders so they can't fall over, and do not leave lit candles
    unattended for any length of time.
  • Make sure open fires are well guarded and that wrapping paper, Christmas decorations
    etc., are kept well away.
  • Make sure smokers extinguish their cigarettes completely.
  • Take Extra care after drinking alcohol.
  • Push the button, not your luck - Check your smoke alarms are working and don't be tempted to use the batteries to power any
    Christmas presents.
  • Make your plan. Get out alive - will everyone (including guests) know where your door and window keys are kept?
  • Don't be distracted when cooking - fire starts when your attention stops.
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