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Arson is the largest cause of fire

Arson is the largest cause of fire in commercial premises.

Don't Lose Your Livelihood to Arson. 

In the first half of 2009, the ABI reported that insurers paid out £639 million for damage caused by fire, and arson counts for half of all fire in commercial premises. It is estimated that 20 schools per week are affected by arson, approximately 45% of all fires in schools. Fire does not affect only the victim of arson, but also has a severe impact on neighbouring premises.

All buildings are potential targets for arsonists, with this church being the latest victim:

All Saints Church in Fleet on 22 June

Arson can be prevented, and the document below provides many details measures that can be taken:

Arson prevention- The protection of premises from deliberate fire raising

An important part of the arson prevention process is the Fire Risk Assessment. Required by
the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the assessment can identify potential arson risks, and consequently help put measures in place to reduce the risk of arson.

Fire Safety Specialists have over 200 combined years of fire safety experience, and help many businesses identify and resolve fire safety issues,including how to reduce the risk of arson.

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