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Canterbury Hospital Arsonist Jailed for 8 years

Canterbury Hospital Arsonist Jailed for 8 years

AN arsonist who started a fire in a cupboard at Kent and Canterbury Hospital causing £70,000 worth of damage has been jailed for eight years.Thomas Ashcroft

Thomas Ashcroft

Thomas Ashcroft, 35, was arrested following a series of arson attacks on hospitals, hotels and public places during July and August of last year.

Homeless Ashcroft lit the fires in a bid to steal cash by distracting staff - including the blaze at the hospital in Ethelbert Road on 30 August, where he walked away after stealing £25 from the café till.

The previous day he was caught on CCTV starting a fire in a store cupboard at Medway Maritime Hospital.

The blaze was quickly extinguished by firefighters and no one was injured in the incident...CONT

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