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The Cost of Extinguisher Supply and Maintenance.

Being the Fire Safety Advisors to the Sheffield Children's NHS Trust, means having a finger on the pulse of NHS Fire Safety. Our MD (Vin Maher) is a member of the National Association of Hospital Fire Officers (NAHFO), and receives regular newsletters about standards, findings and practices in the NHS.

The latest newsletter contained the article below, which is relevant to all premises and not just the NHS. It warns against trusting certain extinguisher suppliers, with regards to quantities of equipment they may recommend. Over provisioning will cost your business, and in fact, a few years ago FSS Ltd helped a client reduce his extinguisher maintenance costs by correctly identifying what equipment was actually required. This saving allowed the client to employ an external consultant to carry out his Fire Risk Assessment, as well as provide staff training.

You probaby are not aware that some suppliers employ their engineers on commission, meaning the more kit they sell, the more they earn.

How to avoid spending too much

Where's the best place to sart? Simple - get a throrough, suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment. The Fire Risk Assessment not only identifies deficiences and may provide an action plan, but can also determine what equiment should be in place and where.

Extracted from the ADT/NAHFO Spring 2014 newsletter. -

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