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What Extinguisher to Use on What Type of Fire.

Have you ever wondered what extinguisher to use on what type of fire?  If you don't know, will your staff?

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Unless training is given, occupants of a building can be at risk if they do not know what extinguisher to use if there is fire.  There may be a no intervention policy, which may be acceptable depending on the environment and the findings of the Fire Risk Assessment, however if extinguishers are available then staff must know what is applicable to use when.
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Here is a chart that will help (but this not be used in place of effective training):
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Extinguisher Types and Uses
What extinguisher should be used on what type of fire.

Download the extinguisher chart.
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Staff fire safety training is easy to provide, does not necessarily need to be provided by outside agencies, must happen when a new member of staff is employed and then regularly (preferably annually) there after.  It can be classroom based, or practical, or web based.  Whatever option is chosen, once completed it must be recorded with a list of those who attended.
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If you need any help or advice on staff fire safety training, or have any questions about workplace fire, call FSS on 01246 434 314.
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