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Weekly Fire Extinguisher Checks.

A recurring theme across many of the assessments that we carry out is the lack of understanding concerning what weekly, monthly, quarterly, six monthly and annual checks need to be carried out.

Apart from the regular maintenance required to meet legal or British Standards, weekly checks are also needed.  We usually advise that these can be carried out by the Fire Wardens, and the checks recorded in the site fire log by whomever carried them out.

The blog refers particularly to the checks needed for Fire Extinguishers.  The British Standard relating to fire extinguishers is BS5306, and the various sections refer to the standards required for the maintenance and upkeep of fire fighting equipment (such as annual servicing).  As far as the weekly checks are concerned, the following should be implemented:

  1. Firstly make sure the extinguishers are located wehere they are supposed to be.
  2. Are the extinguishers on hooks on the wall or purpose made plinths?
  3. Are there fire extinguisher ID signs with the extinguishers?
  4. Check for any signs of tampering such as broken or missing tamper seals.
  5. Check for any signs of agent discharge on the hose or horn of the extinguisher.
  6. Check to make sure gauge pressure is correct, if not the pointer will be in the red.
  7. Look for any damage such as missing parts, dents or rust.
  8. Extra attention should be given to workplaces with a high risk of damage such as fire extinguisher that are on haulage vehicles.
  9. If there is damage to the extinguisher, this must be repaired by a competent individual or company or replaced straight away.

These are not exhaustive checks, but are essential in ensuring a safe working environment.

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