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Fire Extinguisher Servicing - be careful who you choose

Here's a quick blog update for you.  Over the year's we've been involved with fire safety, we have been amazed by the costs our potential clients are telling us they are being charged for fire extinguisher servicing.  Usually there is one large supplier (who shall remain anonymous) who is at fault, and here are a couple of examples.

Our MD Vin, visited a customer today to look at other potential work.  When he asked about the extinguisher servicing, he was gobsmacked to find out that for 54 extinguishers, the client is being charged £5000 per annum just for maintenance.  That is almost £100 per extinguisher.  For that price the customer could buy two new extinguishers.

A second example is an long term customer of our's that compared our prices to that of his existing service agent (the same large company).  Not only was he being charged a small fortune for maintenance, he was also on a 7 year contract, which he had never signed.  It seems that the engineer filled in the details for him....

So as a guide to extinguisher servicing:

1. Don't just look at the big companies.  Your local fire extinguisher companies will usually provide a good service and a respectable price.
2. For peace of mind make sure the engineers are BAFE registered.
3. Check with other businesses who they are using, get recommendations.
4. Shop around, the competition for your business is fierce.

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