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Fire Safety for Property Management Companies

Some good tips for Fire Safety for Property Management Companies Andrew Ferguson at Fire Safety Services:

1. Fire evacuation procedures – This is a common problem where the property management company and their employees have a comprehensive fire policy but the other users in the building are not aware of it! This, if not addressed could lead to confusion in the event of an evacuation. It is so important to ensure all users of your building know what the fire procedure is and are made aware of the fire exit routes and where to assemble (where necessary).

2. Fire evacuation drills – To address the above issue point 2 comes into play. This is the need to carry out fire evacuation drills preferably unplanned. This is the best way to test the emergency plan and those persons nominated to implement it. The evacuation should be timed from the first actuation of the signal to evacuate to the last person leaving the building. It is always interesting to carry out an evacuation of blocks of flats with a stay put policy! Try it and see how many stay put.

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