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Fire Safety Training - Essential

Fire Safety Training is Essential and a Legal Requirement - FACT!

.....and it doesn't need to cost a fortune.

There's a perception that training takes up time and money, which probably explains why employers may tried to avoid it. There’s no two ways about it - fire safety training for staff is a legal requirement in the UK.

"The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that employees are given fire safety training that is relevant to their work situation. This would include knowledge of fire risks in the workplace, fire procedures, fire prevention, the types and use of fire fighting equipment, fire alarm systems, assembly points etc.."

Our experience over the past decade shows that the amongst the most common issues we find when carrying out Fire Risk Assessments is that staff have not received fire safety training.

When Must You Provide Your Staff With Fire Training?

• When they are first employed
• Periodically and regularly there after.
• When they are exposed to a new or increased risk
• When new systems, tools or pieces of equipment or technology are introduced
• When a system of work is changed

What Should Your Training Include?

New Employees

On or before the first day of their employment, all new staff should receive fire safety training as part of their induction process.

The training may include the following material where appropriate:

  • The location and use of the escape routes.
  • The location, operation and meaning of the fire alarm system.

Annual Staff Training

  • The action to be taken upon discovering a fire;
  • How to raise the alarm;Essential
  • The action to be taken upon hearing the alarm
  • The procedures for dealing with visitors and members of the public;
  • The arrangements for calling the Fire Service;
  • The evacuation procedures;
  • The location and use of the fire fighting equipment;
  • The location of the means of escape routes;
  • How to open all emergency exit doors;
  • The importance of keeping fire doors closed;
  • Where appropriate, how to isolate appliances and power/gas supplies;
  • The importance of general fire safety and good housekeeping.
  • Employees who have special duties e.g. Managers, Fire Wardens etc will be given additional, appropriate training.

What Format Can Training Take?

This is up to the business to decide.  There is no set format, and one size does not fit all.  For some, class room style training with presentations are more than suitable.  For others, practical hands on fire extinguisher training works better.  Additionally online fire safety training gives more flexibility:

Other Training to Consider

Fire evacuation drills can form part of training sessions, or could be run independent of any training sessions. Additionally you may have a requirement to train Fire Marshals.  As Fire Marshals have additional duties in the event of a evacuation, there is a need to give them training appropriate to their role.

For further advice on staff fire safety training, evacuation drills or any other fire safety matters, please do not hesitate to call Fire Safety Specialists on 01246 434 314.

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