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Investigating False Alarms

I came across a document from Greater Machester Fire and Rescuse Service, which gives advice and direction on how to investigate a fire alarm.  The aim of the document was to help reduce the number of false alarms received by GM FRS, as from 13 500 calls each year, only 1% were to fires.

How to investigate

  • Where possible, investigate in pairs.
  • Have another member of staff at the alarm panel and remain in contact (mobile phone or short range radio).
  • Gather any information from staff, or the alarm panel, to indicate where your search should be.
  • When investigating look for smoke, listen for unusual crackling noises, is it unusually hot.
  • Before opening any doors, feel the door investigate-false-fire-alarms with the back of your hand, as high up the door as you can reach, for signs of heat. If it is hot do not open the door.
  • Remember you are looking for signs of a fire, not a fire itself.
  • At any time if you suspect or find a fire, get out and call the fire and rescue service on 999.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue - Investigating False Alarms

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