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It's as simple as breaking the triangle

"What triangle, what do you mean...?"

Let me explain.  Fire needs 3 elements in order to exist, these being fuel, oxygen and heat.  By removing any one of these elements, fire cannot happen - simple. Trianlge of fire - elements a fire needs.

So how does that apply to the workplace?  To start with staff training.  By instructing staff in fire prevention, such as how good house keeping prevents fire by reducing the amount of fuel, an employer is already reducing the chances of fire affecting a business.

Identifying potential sources of fire is the best form of fire prevention.  Instructing staff on the risks specific to their workplace, where to expect the risks and how to reduce the risk is essential.  Bespoke workplace training is so much better than generic, off the shelf training.  That said, any training is better than none at all.

Instruction on the correct types and uses of fire protection equipment will help your staff break the triangle.  Most fire fighting equipment removes the oxygen and heat elements of a fire depending on which is used.  As mentioned previously, by removing one element denies the fire a chance to exist.  Staff need to be able to identify which extinguisher to use, how to use it and probably more importantly when to use it.  Dead heroes are no use in the workplace!

Fire safety is the responsibility of everyone in the workplace.  By taking a responsible attitude towards prevention and training, the chances of fire are strongly reduced.

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