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New Year and Challenging Times

Happy 2012.  I hope that the New Year finds you in good health and ready to take on the world.

It's no surprise to any one in business that things are still tough in the world economy. Let's face it, we've heard nothing but doom and gloom now for weeks.  Several large businesses have recently gone into administration, the UK economy could go back into recession, and there's specualtion that smaller EU nations such as Greece my leave the Euro.

In these frugal times may businesses look to cut back on expenditure, and typically we have fund that safety is one of the first areas to get hit by cost saving measures.  Can businesses really afford this?  Well when we sell fire safety services, it is unlikely that we will advise any business to stop spending on safety. That asides let's look at the facts:

1. 60% of businesses that suffer a major fire never recover.
2. Arson is on the increase.
3. A lack of fire safety can lead to serious prosecution, such as the former Lord Mayor of Nottingham who was recently prosecuted to the tune of a 2 year suspended sentence, £4000 and 180 hours community service.
4. If your businesses is destroyed by fire, what effect will this have on your staff and on your home life?  How will mortgages be paid and the weekly food shop happen?

Although cuting back on safety may seem an appealing way to save money, the potential risks to a business increase significantly.

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