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Pay Peanuts Get Monkeys....

It's no shock if I say the economy is struggling, money is tight and work hard to come by.  When business is tough, employers and businesses look for areas to save money, and unfortunately safety is one area that gets hit.

Words of advice - if you intend to outsource your fire safety, be careful what you are buying.  This week I've had quote follow up calls with several potential customers, and from 3 we were beaten on price.  It happens, that's business, however the worrying fact is that all 3 admitted to choosing the cheapest contractor.  Their focus is on doing what is the legal minimum for a minimum cost and hoping it will do.  In one case, it was a large country house not far from Sheffield, which is used as the offices for a business.  A large site where the winning contractor had quoted a very low price, and is then to outsource the work to a subcontractor, meaning that the "subbie" was working for a very low rate.  The question  that needs to be asked -  "is the asssessor's experience and competence reflected in the rate he is willing to work for?".

Fire Risk Assessments are in place to protect life, protect your employees, site users and visitors, and yourself.  At the end of the day would you really be happy that life safety is being looked after by the cheapest bidder?  Additionally a Fire Risk Assessment which is deemed unsuitable and insufficient can lead to action from the inspecting authorities.  Legal action, can result in fines and even imprisonment, as per this example - Notts Landlord Jailed.

Getting it right first time means a safe working environment, and lower costs in the long term.

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