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Petrol Storage Dangers

With the threat of industrial action by fuel tanker drivers in the news, politicians suggested that drivers could buy fuel and store it in Jerry cans.  This is perhaps not the most sensible advice to give, especially considering the volatility of petrol.


FIREFIGHTERS are urging people to stay safe ahead of a possible fuel drivers’ strike.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service says storing petrol is extremely dangerous and can dramatically increase the likelihood of fire, putting members of the public and firefighters at risk.

Acting Assistant Chief Fire Officer Ian Bitcon, said: “We appreciate that a fuel strike may cause difficulties, but members of the public should consider their safety as most important and be aware of the risks associated with incorrect use and storage of fuel.

“Legal requirements for safe storage of fuel exist for a reason and as in previous years, all complaints received will be fully investigated and where dangerous conditions are found appropriate individuals will be prosecuted.”  ...cont

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