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Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

Evacuation strategies for disabled or impaired employees

What is a Person Emergency Evacuation Plan or PEEP?

A Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) is a document relating to a specific employee detailing how they are going to evacuate the building in a fire emergency.  It can also relate to how they might be made aware of a fire if they can't hear the alarm.

Who might need a PEEP?

Anyone who has any hearing, sight, mobility or cognitive impairment who cannot evacuate the building without assistance.  But its important to speak with people to find out if this is something that they need.  

Another aspect of PEEPs that people often overlook is the temporary nature of some impairments.  Whilst someone might be perfectly OK to evacuate under normal circumstances.  A broken leg, advanced pregnancy or short term medical condition can me that you really should create them a temporary PEEP. 

What information goes into a PEEP?

Person - Who specifically does this relate to?
Issue - What impairment does this person have?
Emergency Exit Routes - Which emergency routes can this person use?  Also from that you often create a list of areas that the person should not be in.  Such as someone in wheelchair user going to an area which you can get to in a lift but only evacuate via a staircase.
Equipment - A list of the equipment on their evacuation routes that will be needed to safely evacuate them.
Designated Person - Who is repsonsible for helping this person evacuate.  Normally someone trained to Fire Warden level.
Review Date - A reveiw date firstly to make sure that nothing has changed.  But more impotantly if this is a temporary PEEP so that it can be recinded when no longer required.
Please contact Fire Safety Specialists for further details on the number above for more information or to get a quote on a PEEP.

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